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Customized Approach.  Sustainable Innovation.

CSI: Create. Solve. Innovate. LLC is an independent scientific and technical consulting firm with 20+ years of combined research experience in materials science and engineering and development of cutting-edge products and technologies. It offers one-time Consulting Services or continuous scientific and technical support to professionals, companies, academic institutions and international organizations.

CSI team strongly believes that offering Creative Solutions instilled with Innovation is the key to our clients’ success. With our own experiences rooted in problem-solving and innovation, we are uniquely positioned to design customized approaches to solve our clients’ challenges and guide them through their innovation strategy.

Lastly, and most important, the clients receive scientifically-sound reports with innovative solutions to their complex technical and scientific challenges. The innovative portion of the offered solutions provides a Competitive and Sustainable IP advantage that will continue to drive the client’s progress long after our formal consulting engagement has ended.

CSI offers more than consulting.

CSI offers Competitive and Sustainable IP advantage to its clients.

We can help you with your Challenges.

We are implementing Science.

We are delivering Innovation. 

We are CSI.

Create. Solve. Innovate. ®

Let us help you connect the dots …

…and reach the target.

Whatever your target is – a novel product, a proprietary formulation,
a new technology, or just a process step improvement, contact us to help you differentiate it from the rest!